First Blog Post


My name is Karla Silva. I am a strategic communications major and a marketing minor. I am studying in this field to hopefully one day become the communications coordinator or become a part of the public relations team of a non-profit organization working towards raising awareness and funds for people with disabilities. I am currently a student athletic trainer for the University of South Alabama’s football team. I am fluent in English, Spanish, and I am currently studying sign language. I enjoy all kinds of people and love to share my passions with everyone I cross paths with.


Blogs, in my opinion, are a way to express your opinion to a large public in a quick and public way. Blogs can most definitely be educational,  but they seem to be more for entertainment. I do not currently follow a blog closely. I had before when I was really interested in learning how to cook. Someone in my field could use blogs to promote their upcoming events, the experiences during those events, and their companies in general. Companies are allowed to brand their companies as they wish, while using the themes that they want to be associated with (“Themes,” 2016). They are just a good way to give your consumers/sponsors/supporters a more personal view of the organization/company. They could use it to publish the upcoming release of new products and view people’s comments before it is even released. Blogs are extremely useful and can be a great way to be a little unprofessional, while still holding your intended brand.


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