Creating a Website on Weebly is a great place for beginners to create their own free website and create content that they can share with the world. It’s perfect for beginners because it allows you to have a free domain, it provides predesigned themes, and it gives examples of what type of content should be put throughout the site.

The Process
The website is easily created by signing up with a social media account or with an email address. After creating an account, choose the theme for the website, and create a domain name that will be used to reach the site. The user can then go through each tab and edit the name of each to whatever best fits his or her needs. Photos and text can be added, deleted, and edited throughout their new site and made their own. The content is automatically saved every time a change occurs which allows no room for lost material.

My Website Theme
I used the ‘Unite-Personal’ Theme as the theme for my website. I chose this one because it has the simplistic feel that I want for my website. I do not want my theme to take away from the content that I have chosen to put on my website. I felt that if I chose something where the tabs were not easily accessed, the colors on the background were too bright, or the overall feel of the website was not simple, viewers could not concentrate on my text or photographs. This theme is navigable and works with what I want to be portrayed as. I do not think that I will be changing it in the future, however, there is always a possibility for change as my content begins to be put into the site.


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