Designing My Website in 1, 2, 3!

It took me some time to decide how I was going to organize my website because I have created some in the past and did not want all of my creations to look identical. I knew that I wanted something simple so I began with putting my logo in the top left hand corner, my five tabs on the top right hand corner and my name with words that describe me in the center of my home page. I decided that my tabs will be one to describe myself, my experiences and future goals in my field of study, my current job as a student athletic trainer, my resume, and all of my contact information. Through this process I learned that making something look simple, is not so simple. The organization that it takes in order to make something look clean-cut and understandable is more than what I thought it would take.

Some tips that “How to Design a Killer Website” gives that I kept in mind while designing my website are below.

Be organized. Be sure to make your website can be easily navigated because although your other pages might have great information for potential employers, they would be unable to reach it if your website is not “scrollable.”

Don’t over do it. Your website should be more simple than not. You should be able to get your message across without too much going on because your audience might lose sight of what you’re truly trying to get across.

Have a target audience. Be sure you know who your intended audience is and that you modify your website to reflect that. For example, do not have an intended audience consisting of potential employers but write in slang for an audience of teenagers.

Table of contents. This goes back to the first tip of being organized. A viewer will be pleased with an easily navigated website. It makes all of the content reachable and allows the reader to focus on the content rather than how they will get to the content.

Engagement media. Be sure to have as many visuals on your website as needed to get your point across. Be sure to remember the second tip while doing this, however, because you do not want to take away from your text and focus solely on your photographs.

Creating a website can be tough but with these tips in mind, your website should look as professional as you are!




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