I am one of the student athletic trainers for the University of South Alabama football team and it’s been one of my favorite things about college since my freshman year! As a student trainer, I view and assist with interesting treatments, provide water for the athletes during practices and games, and I get to travel to certain away games to assist when needed.

This year, South Alabama opened its season at Mississippi State University. The University of South Alabama’s win over Mississippi State University was the biggest upset in college football in the past five years. I was privileged enough to work this game and witness history on the sideline alongside the football players, coaches, and staff! The emotions that ran through the stadium were ones that could only be felt to be able to understand. The team had a less than 3% chance of winning the game and came out with a 21-20 win.

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I was able to run on the field behind the players, coaches, and staff in celebration of all of our combined hard work paying off. The players are now continuing their season trying to surpass their efforts from the previous game played. It’s a huge privilege to watch the team progress at practice every day and putting it into action on game day. The Jaguars still have a long season before them and with this huge win, they now have the entire country watching them. One of the biggest games left to play in their season is against LSU on the weekend after Thanksgiving. The team is projected to lose, but the Jaguars should never be counted out.

This experience has definitely bettered my college experience and I cannot wait for the rest of the season to continue!


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