A Website Created For ALL


Importance of Website Accessibility 
It’s important to ensure that your website is created for any and all people to access. Making your website available to all gives you a bigger audience, a better look for your website, and equal opportunity for all that visit your site.

According to W3c.org, “Accessibility supports social inclusion for people with disabilities as well as others, such as older people, people in rural areas, and people in developing countries.” It’s important to ensure that your website is completely accessible through a keyboard for simplicity for those that have trouble navigating a website any other way.

Also according to W3c.org, “Web accessibility  also benefits people without disabilities.” Accessibility means that it conforms to most people’s needs and preferences. This flexibility will make your website appealing to users and easy to navigate no matter the age or comprehension level of your user.


How I will keep my website accessible:
I plan to make my whole website navigable through the keyboard if possible or to where it can be the main way to move through the site. I will be sure to add a description on videos for those who are hard of hearing and cannot listen to the video. I will make sure that no videos or sounds start immediately after clicking on the website because it could startle certain viewers. Keeping my diction simple and understandable will help people with lower comprehension levels.


Avoid bright colors and flashy videos and pictures!
Flashy videos, especially those that catch readers off guard could cause serious problems for viewers that are prone to seizures due to epilepsy. As someone who volunteers and works with people with disabilities, I know that certain people get startled easily and when they are stimulated too quickly, they have the possibility of having a seizure. These are easily avoidable by keeping web pages simple, including no videos with too bright of colors or objects that move too quickly around the screen.


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