Web Design

Web Design Training:
After looking through Creativebloq.com that suggests the best websites to use when beginning the web design training process, the one I believe is the easiest and most convenient to use is W3Schools. The blog has voted this website as the best to use because it is the most useful. I have used this website to help me when using HTML codes on my website design in class. It is easy to use because it is equipped with a search bar that allows you to search for exactly what you’re looking for and shows you what codes to use. It gives examples of when to use the certain codes and how to insert it into your document.


CA 260 as an Online Course:
I believe CA 260 would be a great online course. The instructions of how to make an effective blog and website could easily be laid out into documents and shared with students. Sometimes things are said in class by the professor that I forget about because they are not written down where I can access them later on. In an online course, I could easily access everything that the professor would like me to know for the class. I think I could get the equal amount of knowledge out of the class. Although having the words all written out from my professor would be beneficial, it is also very helpful to have my professor in front of me and available to answer my questions.



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