Internet Privacy

Through the eyes of a future communications professional:
There are many issues and flaws within the internet and media. The main problem is the lack of privacy. This lack of privacy can be harmful and beneficial at the same time.
The lack of privacy could be harmful because there will be information that I will not want to share with the public. Not all information should be public to the general audience.
This could also be beneficial because as a communications professional, my career is going to be centered around trying to communicate as much information to as many people as possible. This advantage will allow me to find information on future employees, employers, companies, and products that people might not know can be found or do not know is on the internet
“Three Essential Steps to Make Yourself More Hack-Proof” by Mat Honan offers three tips to ensure that your accounts and websites are better protected and safe from hackers. These three tips are: do not reuse passwords; set up two-factor authentication; and use a password manager. It’s important to use these steps and take them seriously because they are what are going to help save your content.

Impacts of lack of privacy:
I think changes in the way we view privacy has implications for public discourse and a democratic society. If we view privacy as something that should be respected and something we should have, we will move towards implimenting laws and action to save our content. We could also elect people who will help fight for our right to privacy.


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