Graduating Early Jitters

Graduation alone is scary, but graduating at least a year early is even scarier. In high school I was enrolled and did exceptionally well in Accelerated Placement (AP) and dual enrollment classes. These classes counted for college credit and put me ahead when I walked into college. I am in the first semester of my second year of college but am already taking courses that I should be taking as a first and second semester junior.

I walked into college thinking that I would be graduating May 2019 but I am on track to graduate December 2017. This is a year and a half earlier than what I thought I would be graduating which is extremely exciting and scary all in one.


The thoughts that have run through my mind are:
1. What am I going to do with my life???
2. Should I get another degree in the time I thought was going to take me to finish my first degree?
3. Should I move out of the state? Which state?
4. Should I apply for the Disney college program?

All of these thoughts and more have ran through my head and make the process even harder. Growing up is scary because of what accompanies it.. bills, career, and a family. I’m definitely excited to start the rest of my journey but I will be sure to make this next year is a great one!


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