When content goes viral on the internet, and virtually anything posted onto the internet will last forever. When posted content goes viral on the internet that means that thousands, millions, and possibly billions of people have come in contact with that content. Things can go viral in a matter of minutes, hours, and days. Content can easily be shared from country to country through the use of the internet.

In Gregory Ciotti’s A Scientific Take on Viral Marketing, the author speaks about Wharton Professor Jonah Berger’s study of what it takes for something to go viral. Berger’s conclusions were that it’s usually positive and dwell on positive issues or topics, it evokes a strong emotional reaction, and it is usually practical and useful.

It’s important to understand the concepts of things going viral and how they could potentially go viral in the field of communications. Public relations and communications coordinators are trying to reach as many people as possible in their target audience and are therefore going to use the tips of how things could possibly go viral in order to reach many people.

Viral content can either extremely help or hurt in the communication world.


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