Home Away From Home

Everyone has their home away from home. That place you think of when you think you need to run away from your current situation. My home away from home is Denver, Colorado.

Two of my siblings moved to Denver about three years ago and since then I have visited numerous times. Denver is the place where I have gone white water rafting, went to the only amusement park in a downtown, my first MLB game, and hiked my first mountain.

Denver is my safe place. I am currently on track to graduate a year and a half early and Denver seems like the perfect place to spend the year and a half I had not accounted for previously. I wish to begin my Communications career in Denver and build my way up either there in Denver or create networks that will take me to another location.

Your home away from home is a very sacred place. Mobile, Alabama is the place I was raised and although I do love it and consider it my home, my go-to run-away home is definitely Denver.


Graduating Early Jitters

Graduation alone is scary, but graduating at least a year early is even scarier. In high school I was enrolled and did exceptionally well in Accelerated Placement (AP) and dual enrollment classes. These classes counted for college credit and put me ahead when I walked into college. I am in the first semester of my second year of college but am already taking courses that I should be taking as a first and second semester junior.

I walked into college thinking that I would be graduating May 2019 but I am on track to graduate December 2017. This is a year and a half earlier than what I thought I would be graduating which is extremely exciting and scary all in one.


The thoughts that have run through my mind are:
1. What am I going to do with my life???
2. Should I get another degree in the time I thought was going to take me to finish my first degree?
3. Should I move out of the state? Which state?
4. Should I apply for the Disney college program?

All of these thoughts and more have ran through my head and make the process even harder. Growing up is scary because of what accompanies it.. bills, career, and a family. I’m definitely excited to start the rest of my journey but I will be sure to make this next year is a great one!

Pizza 101

If there’s anything that I am willing to consider myself an expert on.. it’s pizza! My family, friends, and sorority sisters claim that if people really were what they ate, I’d be round, tomato-y, and topped with the best of toppings.
Pizza comes in all shapes and sizes and all sorts of flavors. My personal favorite kind of pizza is chicken, pineapple, and bacon. I’ve tried hundreds of pizza topping combinations but the chicken, pineapple, and bacon has quickly become my usual meal.

As a self-pronounced pizza effort, I’m going to make a countdown of the top five pizza places I have tried and what all they have to offer!

5. Little Caesar’s
Little Caesar’s ranks among the top five in my list because of it’s inexpensive pizza. Although the quality isn’t as great as the rest on this list, sometimes the low college student budget is craving a pizza and this is the place that does the job without using half of the week’s food budget.

4.Cici’s Pizza

Cici’s ranks next on the list because of the endless amount of pizza you can consume at this buffet. It is also at a low cost and you can eat a whole day’s worth of calories in one restaurant. Custom and personal pizzas can be made at no additional cost.

3.Hungry Howies
This pizzeria is the best for those of you who love to eat dinner and desert all in one! You can customize your crust to something sweet like cinnamon and therefore you could eat your slide of pizza and finish it with something sweet.

2.Mellow Mushroom
Mellow Mushroom is my favorite pizza place in my hometown, Mobile, Alabama. They usually have the best customer service and the crust is to die for! A pizza from here, accompanied by some hummus and pita bread, make for the best dinner in Mobile.

1. Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom





Old Chicago Pizza places first in my countdown for best pizza for its quality taste and crispy Chicago-styled crust. This restaurant is my favorite to visit in larger cities. Tasting this pizza should be on the top of your bucket list if you have yet to try it.


The Scoop on Living in a Sorority House

Becoming a part of Kappa Delta Sorority is one of the best things I have ever done in college. I came into college with a handful of friends from high school because most of us went to different colleges and I knew being a pre-medicine major was going to make it difficult to make friends my first few semesters in college due to how large and impersonal the classes were. When my now best friend convinced me to go through recruitment with her, I was so hesitant about Greek life but decided to go through anyways.

Fast forward a whole year later and I now live in the sorority house and love (almost) every minute of it! Living in a sorority is super fun; you have all of your best friends as your roommate, hallmates, and neighbors. Since I’m a council member, I am required to live in my sorority house but it has benefitted me way more. Some days we wake up early enough to walk to the caf before our classes that are at 8 A.M.. Some night we go to the beach to clear our thoughts and erase all of our worries. There’s always a sister ready to listen to your problems and a shoulder to cry on if it’s needed. When all you want to do is sit inside all day and binge watch television, a sister is there to accompany you.

Sometimes, living in a sorority isn’t all fun and games. Living in a house with so many girls gets tough when you’re trying to study but nobody else in the house can be quiet. With it being more than just a common area for my friends and I, I like to study around the house because it’s where I’m most comfortable. Some nights you’re the girl that wants to stay in when everyone wants to go out and are waken up by your friends when you hear them come in after a really fun night.

Living in the house is one of my all-time favorite things and I’m extremely sad that I have to move out in December but it’s given me experiences and memories with friends that I will never forget and wouldn’t have gotten if I wouldn’t have moved into my sorority house.

Pictured above is myself and my hallmate Madison.


I am one of the student athletic trainers for the University of South Alabama football team and it’s been one of my favorite things about college since my freshman year! As a student trainer, I view and assist with interesting treatments, provide water for the athletes during practices and games, and I get to travel to certain away games to assist when needed.

This year, South Alabama opened its season at Mississippi State University. The University of South Alabama’s win over Mississippi State University was the biggest upset in college football in the past five years. I was privileged enough to work this game and witness history on the sideline alongside the football players, coaches, and staff! The emotions that ran through the stadium were ones that could only be felt to be able to understand. The team had a less than 3% chance of winning the game and came out with a 21-20 win.

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I was able to run on the field behind the players, coaches, and staff in celebration of all of our combined hard work paying off. The players are now continuing their season trying to surpass their efforts from the previous game played. It’s a huge privilege to watch the team progress at practice every day and putting it into action on game day. The Jaguars still have a long season before them and with this huge win, they now have the entire country watching them. One of the biggest games left to play in their season is against LSU on the weekend after Thanksgiving. The team is projected to lose, but the Jaguars should never be counted out.

This experience has definitely bettered my college experience and I cannot wait for the rest of the season to continue!