EXTRA CREDIT: Domain Names

The domain name is one of the most important parts of a website. This is how people access your website and it is the first impression given about your website.

When choosing a domain name you must keep these things in mine:
1. Keep it simple. If your URL is something easy to remember, viewers can return to your site with no trouble at all!
2. Make it something catchy. If your domain is something catchy, it will stick in people’s minds and they will view it more often.
3. Keep it short. Similar to keeping it simple, you want to be able to have something that people will remember and find easily.
4. Make sure you get your point across. Don’t use a super off-the-wall domain that won’t express what you are trying to get across through your website.

Creating a domain can be fun and easy if you go about it the right way! I was extra simple with the domain for my website and just made it my name, you can easily do the same!



When content goes viral on the internet, and virtually anything posted onto the internet will last forever. When posted content goes viral on the internet that means that thousands, millions, and possibly billions of people have come in contact with that content. Things can go viral in a matter of minutes, hours, and days. Content can easily be shared from country to country through the use of the internet.

In Gregory Ciotti’s A Scientific Take on Viral Marketing, the author speaks about Wharton Professor Jonah Berger’s study of what it takes for something to go viral. Berger’s conclusions were that it’s usually positive and dwell on positive issues or topics, it evokes a strong emotional reaction, and it is usually practical and useful.

It’s important to understand the concepts of things going viral and how they could potentially go viral in the field of communications. Public relations and communications coordinators are trying to reach as many people as possible in their target audience and are therefore going to use the tips of how things could possibly go viral in order to reach many people.

Viral content can either extremely help or hurt in the communication world.

Internet Privacy

Through the eyes of a future communications professional:
There are many issues and flaws within the internet and media. The main problem is the lack of privacy. This lack of privacy can be harmful and beneficial at the same time.
The lack of privacy could be harmful because there will be information that I will not want to share with the public. Not all information should be public to the general audience.
This could also be beneficial because as a communications professional, my career is going to be centered around trying to communicate as much information to as many people as possible. This advantage will allow me to find information on future employees, employers, companies, and products that people might not know can be found or do not know is on the internet
“Three Essential Steps to Make Yourself More Hack-Proof” by Mat Honan offers three tips to ensure that your accounts and websites are better protected and safe from hackers. These three tips are: do not reuse passwords; set up two-factor authentication; and use a password manager. It’s important to use these steps and take them seriously because they are what are going to help save your content.

Impacts of lack of privacy:
I think changes in the way we view privacy has implications for public discourse and a democratic society. If we view privacy as something that should be respected and something we should have, we will move towards implimenting laws and action to save our content. We could also elect people who will help fight for our right to privacy.

Web Design

Web Design Training:
After looking through Creativebloq.com that suggests the best websites to use when beginning the web design training process, the one I believe is the easiest and most convenient to use is W3Schools. The blog has voted this website as the best to use because it is the most useful. I have used this website to help me when using HTML codes on my website design in class. It is easy to use because it is equipped with a search bar that allows you to search for exactly what you’re looking for and shows you what codes to use. It gives examples of when to use the certain codes and how to insert it into your document.


CA 260 as an Online Course:
I believe CA 260 would be a great online course. The instructions of how to make an effective blog and website could easily be laid out into documents and shared with students. Sometimes things are said in class by the professor that I forget about because they are not written down where I can access them later on. In an online course, I could easily access everything that the professor would like me to know for the class. I think I could get the equal amount of knowledge out of the class. Although having the words all written out from my professor would be beneficial, it is also very helpful to have my professor in front of me and available to answer my questions.


CMS Recommendation

One of the most recommended Content Management System (CMS) is WordPress. This is the only CMS that I would recommend because it is the only one that I have used and have experience with. Through  my experiences, I have been very impressed with the simplicity of the website. Publishing, editing, categorizing, and following other users is made so easy. This simplicity makes the experiences with this website enjoyable.

WordPress is featured in the  Content Management System Overview Tutorial video. It speaks of how simple it is to edit your webpages and blogs visually or through HTML. It talks about the features that set WordPress apart from others. WordPress’s accessibility is attractive to most users and their other features may be found in WordPress Features.

This website gives templates for websites and blogs and makes editing them very simple. This website has been featured in other articles and blogs. It’s been compared to Drupal and Joomla to see how it differs from competitors in a good way.

It’s easy to insert photos, videos, and animations to websites and blogs. I would recommend WordPress to anyone looking for a great CMS. It’s features and simplicity make the website a reliable and accessible website to use.

Filtering and Writing Emails

Filtering Emails
When I first attempted filtering an email, I was slightly confused but gave it a second try with the help of 7 Gmail Filters to Make Email Less of a Chore and Gmail Filter Help. You begin by entering something into the search bar and scrolling down to the bottom of the search and clicking on Create filter using this search. Then choose what you’d like the filter to be and click Create Filter. I decided to go with the filter Community Service. As the Vice President-Community Service of my sorority, I receive many emails pertaining to girls in my sorority and their community service forms containing their hours for the semester. Although I do have a separate email for the girls to turn in their hours, sometimes they are sent to my personal email and get lost in other mail that I receive. This filter will allow me to keep track of any and all forms that go through my personal email.

Professional Email Example
Dr. Hossain,
My name is Karla Silva and I am currently enrolled in your TR CA 260-703 class. Due to the fact that I work for the football team, I will have to leave class early on Thursday, October 20, 2016, to go prepare the stadium for today’s weekday game. Since this is a campus excused event, attached to this email is my official university excuse. I have looked through the syllabus and see that your office hours correlate with my free periods and am wondering when would be the best time to come into your office to talk about what I will miss when I must leave class early. Please respond with your preferred time. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you so much in advance.
Karla Silva

Reflection on the Previous Week
Writing in HTML proved to be harder than it seemed. I continue to practice my skills and I am finally improving. The readings from this week helped improve the professionalism of my emails and showed me how to create a filter in my email, which are both extremely useful for my future profession.


A Website Created For ALL


Importance of Website Accessibility 
It’s important to ensure that your website is created for any and all people to access. Making your website available to all gives you a bigger audience, a better look for your website, and equal opportunity for all that visit your site.

According to W3c.org, “Accessibility supports social inclusion for people with disabilities as well as others, such as older people, people in rural areas, and people in developing countries.” It’s important to ensure that your website is completely accessible through a keyboard for simplicity for those that have trouble navigating a website any other way.

Also according to W3c.org, “Web accessibility  also benefits people without disabilities.” Accessibility means that it conforms to most people’s needs and preferences. This flexibility will make your website appealing to users and easy to navigate no matter the age or comprehension level of your user.


How I will keep my website accessible:
I plan to make my whole website navigable through the keyboard if possible or to where it can be the main way to move through the site. I will be sure to add a description on videos for those who are hard of hearing and cannot listen to the video. I will make sure that no videos or sounds start immediately after clicking on the website because it could startle certain viewers. Keeping my diction simple and understandable will help people with lower comprehension levels.


Avoid bright colors and flashy videos and pictures!
Flashy videos, especially those that catch readers off guard could cause serious problems for viewers that are prone to seizures due to epilepsy. As someone who volunteers and works with people with disabilities, I know that certain people get startled easily and when they are stimulated too quickly, they have the possibility of having a seizure. These are easily avoidable by keeping web pages simple, including no videos with too bright of colors or objects that move too quickly around the screen.